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This Unakite has been wrapped in the rose gold copper wire and enhanced with the labradorite beads to bring more of the colours out of the stone. It measure6.5x4cm

Unakite is a rock formed from the joining together of the minerals Epidote (green) and Feldspar (peach). 

Sometimes also called Unakite Granite or as Unakite Jasper (even though it is not a true Jasper).

Creates emotional balance-Stimulates compassion & empathy-Encourages gratitude-Promotes spiritual ascension Helps you establish a connection with nature Creates a connection to the divine feminine. Instils determination-Facilitates feelings of love & friendship-Disintegrates negative energy & replaces it with positive energy-Aids in removing energetic contributors to associated with neurological disorders Helps to calm the nervous system (especially when  you’re experiencing anxiety or a great deal of stress)

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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