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This Howlite resemble for snowflake obsidian in reverse. I have chosen the black enameled copper to trap this stone and bring out the back markings. It has been set off with three little crystals and measures 5x2.2cm.

It is strung on a 52cm double leather thong with a magnetic clasp.

Howlite, also known as Magnesite, is a calcium borosilicate hydroxide mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, nodules and occasional small prismatic crystals. It's commonly found with a color scheme consisting of chalky white with black veins running throughout. However, it can also be seen as brown or even colourless. Howlite was first discovered in 1868 near the town of Windsor, Nova Scotia. Henry How (famed Canadian chemist and geologist) was alerted of an odd mineral that had occurred in a gypsum mine close to his office at nearby King’s College. He investigated this unusual crystal and determined it to be a completely new mineral. He originally named it “silicoborocalcite”, a reference to it’s believed chemical structure at the time. After his death, it was later renamed in his honour by James Dwight Dana (famed American geologist and volcanologist) to “Howlite”. Aside from its original discovery in Nova Scotia, Howlite can also be found in Germany, Serbia, Turkey and the United States. There are two states with very important deposits in the United States which are California and Nevada. Both places have the only mines in the world where Howlite has been found in crystallized form. This occurrence was monumental for the geology community, confirming its highly rumoured existence.

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