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These 6x5cm pendant is made of Magnesite and wrapped in Copper and Oxidized

P308 is 10.5x5cm

It is strung on a 46cm copper chain with a magnetic clasp.

P200 is 6x5cm sold out

This stone is helpful for relieving muscle spasms & general tension, is said to aid the kidneys and it

is known to aid premenstrual tension (PMS).  Magnesite is one of these stones that seem to work on a lot of areas, possibly because it contains a high level of magnesium. It has a detoxifying action in the body, so it may aid you if you have bad breath or body odour, & may also assist you if you have constipation. It has been known to help some people who have bone and teeth problems, and may help to relieve headaches and migraines.

Zodiac: Aries - Taurus

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